Monday, January 8, 2018

Not a creature was stirring

... not even a mouse. I looked around for any signs of squirrel life. Were they in semi-hibernation? Or dead?

But little by little a few finally showed up. The young'uns -- Rusty and the twins -- are all accounted for,  a great relief.  There's even a new one - a true gray, very cute  -- that I had never seen before. Go figure -- the mysteries of squirrels never cease to amaze. The little ones were as bouncy and full of energy as ever, and seem to have incurred no harm from the horrible weather. And things will be getting better now!

But I was still concerned that I didn't see Fat Boy or Mamsie (Baby Mama). The weather takes more of a toll on the older squirrels, although Mamsie is not much more than a baby herself. Once she unloaded, she was not much bigger than the other babies.

I went grocery shopping, then headed home. It was late, but on a hunch, I decided to stop by the Orange Tree one more time. And there she was! Just there waiting for me! So glad I stopped!

She looked scraggly, with a very wet tail, but otherwise seemed to be okay. It was so good to see her! She got quite a few nuts from me. I think she had already been fed (had Bernie been by earlier?) because she did not eat that much, and soon started burying the peanuts --  in the snow!

I stood there and played along: I'd toss her a nut which she ran off and  buried, then she came back for another. And another. It's a game squirrels will sometimes play when they're somewhat fond of you. It's like they're just being polite, don't want to hurt your feelings. For me, I was just so glad to see her... alive. I was happy to play the game.


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