Saturday, September 16, 2017

Please Don't Feed The Squirrels!

So how will the squirrels eat? Do these people think that the squirrels get their food from the forest?

Squirrels, unless under some sort of duress, are normally friendly and rather shy. Not only that, they're extremely polite when they're being fed! I'm often charmed by that observation when I'm feeding them.
I've been remiss recently due to other concerns and was looking forward to getting back to a regular feeding cycle with them in the fall, as the cooler weather starts up and appetites increase. Plus, the last few times I was at PCV, it was disturbing to see so many squirrels hanging around garbage cans. That told me that they're not getting enough to eat. And now they're going to get even less? I doubt they'll be able to survive. There won't be any more charming "cohabitation" at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.
Maybe what they need is a more formal program to feed the squirrels, or maybe they could  just enforce feeding restrictions around the playgrounds. But as their letter states, the well-being of humans is above all of the utmost importance, and wild animals will always play a poor second to that.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pinky: Son of Spunky

Well, actually more like great-grandson or great-great grandson, I guess.
This little squirrel had so much spunk that he reminded me of my dear old friend Spunky, who was featured a lot on this blog. He had the same cute face and spunky personality. It was good to think that Spunky's genes had survived!

Pinky managed to survive the entire winter not only with no winter coat, but with no coat at all, due to a bad case of what looked like mange. But that didn't phase him: he would always run circles around the other larger squirrels, and managed to evade their bullying. We had a lot of fun playing "peanuts" with him: we'd throw a peanut, he'd grab it, go bury it, then come back for another. This went on forever. 

I was really looking forward to this little guy getting better and growing some fur and bonding with me the way Spunky used to do. But it was not to be. Right after I took these pictures there was a big Nor'easter, and I never saw Pinky again.