Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Memorium

This post is in memory of the little squirrels that didn't make it through the winter. The little angels that were only on this earth a few short months, and that bore the brunt of winter without ever knowing the joys of spring. They had the mystery disease, whatever it is, and the storms were the tipping factor that caused the die-offs.

The little creatures just could not make it through the rough weather with their already weakened immune systems. It saddens me. We did our best and most squirrels came through it, but often the little ones died.

Then when we thought we were out of the woods, we were hit this week with cold weather and terrible rainstorms that lasted days and caused flooding on Long Island that is just now starting to recede. We worry about the newborns who have not yet made their appearance in the world. Between this strange illness that's very communicable and the recent rainstorms, will there be any babies this spring? We just don't know.

We'd been been worrying that we'd lost our last batch of babies because we hadn't seen them since last Monday while feeding them during a lull in the rains. These are the sweet little gray babies with that feathery fur that makes them look more like ducklings than squirrels. They have pink spots under their fur, but they had so far survived. Well I saw them today, out sunning themselves on The Baby Tree! It was a true spring day, absolutely gorgeous, and they were finally out enjoying the weather. I wish them a Happy Spring... they deserve it.

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