Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spunky's baby

There were two of them out looking for food, but only one made himself available for pictures. He sure is cute!

Here he is a few weeks later on July 9th. We've discovered that he has three siblings, but they are still shy about making their debut.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nuts in the Mail

I received this wonderful big box in the mail the other day:

And inside:

The peanuts are of excellent quality, with no mold on them.  They're tasty too.  Here's Spunky enjoying one:

I sometimes talk about how squirrels can be such magical,  mysterious creatures. But what about us humans? We must seem magical to them too, especially when we arrive bearing bags of nuts that we distribute freely without cost. Ever wonder what a squirrel thinks about that? I do.

The nuts that arrived on my doorstep are part of the magic, and the love.

Mother Red Tail

Waiting for Mother Red Tail
There she is!

Showing off her new svelte self:
Looks like she's dropped her babies
So that's a cherry?

Taste Test

To bury or not to bury...

Following the trail of treats

She da bomb!

I can only imagine how cute her babies must be.


Formerly known as Red, still a beauty.

Brownie  lives near the Ball Court now

Still cute as a button

Still a photographer's dream

Baby Squirrels

There are so many cute little baby squirrels running around these days!
Now you see 'em, now you don't

climbing is fun!

Sick Squirrel
This beautiful little black squirrel has some kind of skin disease.


Some babies get special treatment: nothing like being  hand-fed some yummy formula.

Friday, June 8, 2012

June Afternoon

It's a beautiful afternoon in early June as I walk around Stuvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, enjoying the landscaping.
I spot these beautiful flowers. What are they?

I take a closer look.

A great Stuytown view 
The PCV green looks like a country club
Squirrels never had it so good!

The lawn is dotted with wild strawberries.
I wonder if the squirrels like them.
I admire the beautiful Rose of Sharon.
I walk to the the west flagpole

A game of Tag, you're IT! is in progress

From there I go over to the ball court area where Brownie and Mother Red Tail are living.
I enjoy the beautiful sky

The Ball Court

Four girls and a jumprope

Evening approaches

I look around for my little pals.  This looks like a fun place for squirrels to play.

I find the two little red-tailed squirrels nearby. Guess they're getting hungry. We play together in the setting sun.