Monday, December 30, 2013

More Travels with CharMar

CharMar is what we'd call a world squirrel traveler. She has a great love for squirrels and visits them in many places, observing them and capturing them with her camera.

Here she is making a friend at the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orlando, Florida.

CharMar meets Angel

What's this?

The most happy fella!

Visit CharMar's Squirrel Gallery:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye

We said goodbye to a friend yesterday. 
He was a big black squirrel called Silverback because he had silver threads in that black coat.

Friday, December 13, 2013


We've had arguments about this: like hey, you can't say this is the cutest squirrel ever.
Maybe the cutest ever in Canada, or maybe the cutest ever on  Okay, we give up. But still... just sayin'...

photo courtesy of

Then again, this one is... the cutest squirrel ever in Texas maybe?

Photo courtesy of

 But wait... maybe this is squirrel is cuter!

I'm no squirrel but some people actually think I'm cute.

photo courtesy of

You be the Judge!  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adventures of CharMar: The Playground Squirrels

CharMar goes off the beaten path, maps out new territory
CharMar in Heartwell Park, Long Beach CA

Welcome to New York!

Our friend CharMar from California charmed all the New York squirrels on her visit here. Her whirlwind tour took her through PCV, USP and WSP as well as Stuyvesant Town and Stuyvesant Square Park, where the squirrels gave her warm welcomes.

the playground

While she reported that the USP and WSP squirrels were exceedingly effusive, we were pleased to hear that PCV squirrels were a picture of decorum, showing behavior befitting a state visit from a world squirrel traveler.

The charming CharMar, who is part of the squirrel community on Twitter, has acquired a great deal of knowledge about squirrels from many different places. You can interact with her on Twitter (but only if you're a squirrel).

We're happy to present these reports of her recent visit to NYC. Here's a sampling from her visit to Peter Cooper Village. She made use of our self-guided tour of PCV, but at one point she went astray and ended up discovering new territory: the playground! We have since revised the tour and added a path to the playground:

Adventures of CharMar: Stuyvesant Square Park

CharMar takes the New York squirrel world by storm. She makes an unscheduled stop along the way at this pretty little park, the historic Stuyvesant Square Park, where she receives a warm welcome.


Adventures of CharMar: Union Square Park

Living the Good Life at Union Square Park
USP squirrels are no doubt spoiled by all the attention they receive!

Adventures of CharMar: Washington Square Park

These guys have so much personality! What is it about NYC squirrels??

I had read that at least 30 squirrels lived at Washington Square Park... wow, they weren't kidding!

If you feed just one and another one sees it, they all come running (that's everywhere) but these guys were coming right up to me me five at a time and here, that doesn't happen! I went to the park once where four of them came running towards me like "CHARRRRGE! Lunch truck is here!" But once they got remotely close, only one came up to me and the rest scattered and came back once the alpha girl or boy ran off with its nut.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

News from the Twitterverse

CharMar, our friend on Twitter who came in from the West Coast for the day, just tweeted that she had taken our self-guided tour of PCV and sent us these pictures. More on the way!

We're pretty sure this cute little guy is the "brindle" baby that disappeared a while ago. If so, we're glad to know that he may have just moved to a new location.