Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Days of Summer

It all came to an end today, when the Autumn Equinox marked our passage into autumn. Equinox comes from Latin meaning "equal" "night", which is the time when night and day are equal in length.

 "The September equinox takes place whenever the sun is at zenith – straight overhead – at the Earth’s equator. This magical moment signals the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. On the day of an equinox, the sun rises due east and sets due west all over the world"

We've welcomed the breath of cool air we've had in these last couple of weeks after a long, hot summer, and we've  been enjoying these golden days that are great for taking long walks.

Stuyvesant Cove Park

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Hole Story

Hello World
The other day I had a delightful encounter with a new PCV resident who was very inquisitive about squirrels. He had recently moved in and was understandably fascinated by the squirrels. He asked a lot of questions, many on the technical side, some of which set me thinking. I found out that he was a mathemetician, which could  explain why he looked at things with  different eyes. Oh, and he was also ftom China.  One of the things he was most curious about was squirrel holes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayer on 9/11

"Never again war,
adventure without return,
spiral of struggle and violence,
never this war in the Persian Gulf . . .
threat to your creatures in the sky, on earth and in the sea....
No war ever again."

Prayer of Pope John Paul II

Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday Night Special

Bernard Goetz Gets a Special Visit on Saturday Night   
It was 8pm on  Saturday night. There was a knock at the door and Bernie Goetz opened it to find two uniformed policemen standing in the hall outside his apartment, one of them armed. They were from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and they indicated that they wanted to come in. 

Here's the story of DEC's attempted home invasion, as told by Bernie Goetz in an exclusive to The New York Squirrel:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

From Russia with Love

A soldier of Belarus and his squirrel

I love the pictures of this adorable red squirrel.

"Daddy" is a bit of "all right" too!!!! lol

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Eating Squirrel

WHAT!!? Somebody wants to eat me?

There's a piece in the Post this week about this Brooklynite who says he likes to barbecue  squirrels in his backyard. He is Steven Rinella, host of the Sportsman Channel’s show “MeatEater”, who according to the piece,  travels the world in pursuit of big game, and has a freezer full of it at home.  There are instructions on how to bag a squirrel, how to eat squirrel, and even Steven Rinella’s recipe for Lemon-Thyme Squirrel.

What about that little thing called the law? Well, “If someone wanted to experience some type of hunting lifestyle [here in NYC], they first have to make a study of the laws and decide what they’re comfortable with. Some [laws] are open to some degree of interpretation”.

Interestingly, Mr. Rinella draws the line at eating dogs, saying “We come to eating with baggage.” That's an understatement! This comment shows the kind of discrimination squirrels are subjected to by this dog-loving society we live in.

Read the entire story here, if you have the stomach for it.

Last time I looked, 98 people liked it.

What's to like?