Saturday, September 10, 2011


There was a general feeling of release in the park today. First a squirrel, then a pigeon. Let freedom ring!

Releasing a Squirrel

The time has come, little one.

tail snipped for easy reognition

lower chompers only, no upper teeth.

Off you go!

Releasing a Pigeon

He's a pretty little bird

I'm not a big pigeon fan but babies are always cute

Get ready, get set, go!

The pigeon's release was not quite a success however. Two hours later he's still sitting in the same spot on the lawn, acting bewildered.

Where am I?
Where am I going?

When Bernie approaches he flies away 

Only to crash land on the tarmac a few seconds later! He sits there and lets Bernie scoop him up. 


No damage done.

Wings look fine. He may have strained a wing muscle.
Knocking on Heaven's Door

Paradise found: a friendly bird rehabber who gives us some pointers.

There are two elements involved in releasing a pigeon:
1 - every day for 3-4 weeks prior to release let bird free to fly around in the bathroom for a few hours
2 - for 4-5 days put the bird outside in a cage with birdseed nearby so it gets used to other pigeons being around

Ok little fellow, home you go. You'll need to practice before you go out again. 

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