Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adventures of CharMar: Washington Square Park

These guys have so much personality! What is it about NYC squirrels??

I had read that at least 30 squirrels lived at Washington Square Park... wow, they weren't kidding!

If you feed just one and another one sees it, they all come running (that's everywhere) but these guys were coming right up to me me five at a time and here, that doesn't happen! I went to the park once where four of them came running towards me like "CHARRRRGE! Lunch truck is here!" But once they got remotely close, only one came up to me and the rest scattered and came back once the alpha girl or boy ran off with its nut.

The second one is hanging onto the arm of the bench. He kept jumping up and I was sitting so close to the end that he didn't have anywhere to go and he kept bouncing off of the side of the bench and back into the grass! LOL!

The first time one of the squirrels jumped onto the bench and then climbed onto me was unbelievable because  as I felt something on me and looked down, the LCD screen on my camera read: Insufficient Space on Card! Ugggh! I had a brand new card but it was in other the camera so it took a couple seconds to swap them out. By then, the squirrel had moved on to try and get me from the other side.

The next two are just adorable. "Well??? Are you gonna feed me or what?!"


In this one, the squirrel jumped up from the bench and onto my coat. He's hanging onto the belt. I had the camera in my right hand and nuts in my left! LOL!
In the second one, two are trying to get at the nuts and one or both of them got my finger! It looks like I have my thumb jammed in the one's eye but it's more like he jammed his eye into my thumb! LOL! 

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