Monday, March 1, 2010


The nickname Taz is short for Tasmanian Devil-- because this one is such a little devil! He's as fast as all-getout. This is the great and sometimes only advantage that baby squirrels have over their elders, who bully the little ones, especially where food gathering is concerned. Taz is so uber-fast that watching him move around in a funny combination of a sprint and a bunny hop -- makes one laugh. And nobody meddles with Taz. Taz pounces on pigeons twice his size -- you see the feathers flying during a Taz attack! These belong to the hapless pigeons who try to horn in on peanuts thrown by Taz's tree. And Taz also attacks the bigger squirrels -- he does not discriminate -- he's fearless! Except when it comes to me. Then he's very, very shy.

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