Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is Orange the New Black?

At The Edge of the Wood asks,
Is Cinnamon the New Gray?

The New York Times says,
Cinnamon is Now the New Black

So The New York Squirrel has to ask,
Is Orange the New Black?
Or is Cinnamon the New Orange?

We've had several generations of orange squirrels living in the "Orange Tree" over the years.

On the Orange Tree

As babies the squirrels are mostly orange, then as they grow up they turn mostly gray, while retaining touches of orange that distinguish them from the other grays.

Perhaps they should be called cinnamon squirrels. We apologize for the paucity of pics, but the babies move so fast that it's hard to get them still long enough to take a picture. When you feed them they usually take off  with the nut and run up the tree. Maybe they should be called cinnamon swirls.

Cute Cinnamon Squirrels

And here's the recipe:
The Cookie Cutter Project - Cinnamon Squirrels

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  1. I just seen my first orange squirrel outside my window. I live in Fulton,NY