Friday, June 18, 2010

How Spunky Got Her Groove Back

Spunky looks soooo much better now! She has fixed up a little bower of leaves on the branch just outside the hole where (I assume) her babies are, so she can stay comfortable and close.

She looked so raggedy the first week after she had her babies! Something was wrong with her rear left leg, so she walked lop sided and had trouble going up and down the tree. Now her fur is shining and her limp is not as pronounced. I have been faithfully feeding her each day, and she is much improved. All I have to do is go by her tree and call "Spunky!" and down she comes like a puppy!

What I love about Spunky is that the first thing she always does is look up at me with the most earnest expression on her face. Like she's asking: what's our relationship all about?

Once that's out of the way then it's back to business-- eating. But that first look is always her sweet greeting!

I also feed three little ones - one black and two gray - who have attached themselves to Spunky because I guess they realize that she's a meal ticket. Spunky is not their mama, but they somehow like staying near her. And they can see how friendly Spunky and I are. At first they were too shy and ran away when I threw then a nut, but now they are getting braver.

Miss Pretty, who lives over on the other side of the park, has also had her babies, and is none the worse for the wear. She looks healthy and is full of energy. She's a spoiled little squirrel who loves spending time with me even after she's eaten her fill. She seems to love interaction. She has unusual fur that is gray but spotted with a strawberry color, that matches her "strawberry blond" tail. And she has such a sweet face. Reminds me a lot of a sweet little squirrel that I once knew named Strawberry, who just disappeared one day.

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