Friday, June 18, 2010

June is Busting Out All Over!

It's the beautiful month of June and the wild strawberries are growing all over Tubby's field! I love it over there because they rarely bother to mow, and the grass and clover grow high. And right now it's loaded with those tiny red morsels everywhere you step!

For a long time we did not see Tubby or any of the three brown juveniles that lived in the meadow. We wondered if something bad had happened to them. Or had there been a sudden exodus to Stuytown? But what squirrels in their right minds would leave the little bit of heaven that is Tubby's field for parts unknown? Could they have succumbed to (shiver) rat poison? Would anyone really wish ill to PCV's most beautiful squirrels? It seemed highly unlikely. It was just going to be another one of those squirrel mysteries. Bernie said that sometimes squirrels will disappear in summertime-- in sort of a hibernation in reverse!

So I was greatly relieved to spot a brownie over there the other day, and a fat little female to boot, which means more brown babies in the future. She could be the new Tubby, keeping the brown line alive!

Then yesterday I had a wonderful surprise -- the heat wave had finally dissipated and had been replaced by classic June days that have been cool and breezy, with big billowy clouds in crystalline blue skies. And guess what--our Ms. Tubby made her grand RE-appearance, along with TWO of her brown juvies! I also noticed that the little brown female I'd seen the other day was now in heat and being dogged by a gray male who was sniffing her relentlessly. Whatcha gonna do? I was just glad to see them all!

I also saw Foxy yesterday, whom I haven't seen in a while, since I've been spending most of my time feeding Spunky or Miss Pretty. Foxy is getting so big! And darker. Maybe it was Foxy's double.

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