Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Red Momma
Red Momma is getting ready to give birth at Bernie's hotel, where no effort has been spared to make her feel safe and comfortable. And she's healthier too: she's lost the awful scabs on her head and now looks more like the way she looked back in January:


Meanwhile, some other squirrels are also about to give birth. Although it's still awfully cold out, I'm afraid 'tis the season.

Grey Momma
This pretty squirrel is close to having her babies. Here she is about two weeks ago

Today she was moving and sitting rather awkwardly, and looked like she was about ready.

she has a bit of a skin condition

but she has lovely fur
Not to be outdone, our own Spunky is also expecting babies!
she's suddenlty turned into a round ball

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