Monday, March 4, 2013

New Squirrel Digs at PCV

The Lord taketh away...

and the Lord giveth...

the new home

easy entrance and exit

The other day I noticed a squirrel bounding in here with a mouth full of leaves. Ah, building a nest!

spacious accomodations
Peter Cooper Scaffold Homes
I'd been worried when the great tree above got chopped down in the dead of winter, but the squirrels have been enterprising, and it looks like none are going homeless. They found some sleek new accomodations to replace some of those musty old holes, and unlike the holes, there's plenty of room here for all. 
Lucky for them, squirrels can't read.
It's a bit out of the way, and can get noisy.

But other than that, the amenities are exceptional-- warm, dry, a roof over one's head, and above all, SPACE -- room to stretch out, instead of clumping on top of others in a tree trunk. It seems that this might be a great place for a mother to have her babies.

Squirrel houses are something I've been advocating for on this blog for a while now. Of course nothing has been done here at PCV,  but now it seems the squirrels have taken things into their own hands, with necessity being the mother of invention!

It reminds me of show I was watching on HGTV last night about how some very creative people had built some unusual homes: a train that had been turned into a home, a covered bridge that was turned into a home, a jumbo jet that was now somebody's home. Sounds crazy, but they were all very beautiful and luxurious with amusing, imaginative touches everywhere.  I think these scaffolding homes would fit right in with the concept.

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