Monday, September 16, 2013

Not in MY Backyard!

Over on the other side of the park, the NIMBY syndrome pervades, where Gray Momma (GM) can be found vigorously defending her yard from unwelcome invasions.

GM lives in the tree on the left.

GM's Castle

This summer saw some big changes: those nice landscape people gave GM the loveliest garden imaginable that now surrounds her tree.

 Imagine her surprise when she came down
to discover the changes.
Like Christmas morning, there was even a Christmas tree!
And pretty pots all in a row
What to make of it all? Simply astounding.

And even a fence to keep undesirables out!

Of course uninvited visitors of a certain type are constantly trying to get in, which keeps Gray Momma very busy fending them off. She really does not want any other squirrels to be enjoying her Garden of Eden! Even her children, who are all grown up now, are not really that welcome.

 Some pictures of Gray Momma at work and play on her estate. 
Grounds patrol
Intruder alert!

There's one trying to scale the fence!

All clear!

Now there's another one sneaking up from behind...
does it never end?
When she's not chasing the other squirrels away, Gray Momma loves digging in the dirt and rolling around in it. She's not burying or hunting for nuts,  but digging just for the fun of it -- sort of like a busman's holiday.

The Joy of Digging


Taking a break for a nice long drink.

I know I'm the luckiest squirrel in the world...
But it is my due, after all.

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