Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sleeping squirrels

These pictures came from the New York Wild web cam. Right now there are no squirrels using it, but it doesn't hurt to keep checking. http://newyorkwild.org/webcams/webcams.htm
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two squirrels sleeping side by side
nursing squirrel
Update January 16
The day after I posted the above I finally saw some action on the squirrel cam. When I tuned in I saw this big pile of leaves instead of the regular scene:
light shines through the hole, the entry way to the squirrel den
Then I saw a squirrel body emerge from the leaves. That was exciting!
leaves, squirrel tail in upper left
The squirrel was busily piling up leaves and doing quite a job of it. She (most likely) came in and out of the hole, each time with a mouth full of leaves to be added to the pile. This went on for a while. Judging by the size of the pile, it looked like she had been at it all morning. She finally stopped and remained very still for a while, head buried in the leaves. Perhaps she was taking a squirrel nap. Then, re-energized, she sprang up and darted out the hole! I didn't see her for a while after that -- maybe she was out to lunch. But then she came back and was at it again--  in and out, in and out. Such a busy little worker. I'm thinking there may be baby squirrels on the way!
To be continued...

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  1. Love the pictures- thank you for posting them!