Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heavy Winds Cause Havoc

Early Christian Art occasionally included images of squirrels to emphasize an aphorism or moral. One such painting of St Jerome depicts a squirrel using the protection of its tail to endure a harsh storm.The inscription reads “Durabo,et quondam res expectado secunda  Quamis nuc male sit,non male simper erit”(I shall endure and expect once again more favorable things however bad it is now,it won’t be bad forever.)

I got caught in the winds tonight when I was downtown in the Wall St area and could barely get to the bus stop. I heard there were winds and storms up and down the coast from as far south as the Carolinas. And heavy winds destroyed the tent homes of about 12,000 Haitians living in tent camps. Those poor suffering people,  like the squirrels.

Tomorrow I will go over and check PCV. Will there be any dreys left?


  1. Hi, I'm really interested by the painting you mentioned. Do you know the title or the name of the artist? Thanks

  2. A few references to St. Jerome, early Christian art and squirrels can be found in google books. Unfortunately, with the current copyright law they now only show fragments of books. One reference (but no picture) is in :
    A Wildlife Handbook
    by Kim Long