Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creme Puff comes a calling

Creme Puff comes by for a sunny afternoon photo shoot.

Creme Puff is a healthy, happy, affectionate and playful little squirrel. He got his name because of his sweet and easygoing nature. He had been found on the ground next to the tree he fell from, with bites all over his body. Two were particularly severe, and he also had a concussion from the fall.  When he was brought to the hospital, the vet pronounced him to be in agon mortis (death throes). So he has made a miraculous recovery.  Dr. Pilney, we love you!

After the shoot, we move into the parlor for high tea: green apples and chestnuts.


Now I'll try me one of these.
 No! Please don't eat the crocheted daisies! What part of the word "No" don't you understand?

Guess I've worn out my welcome... but thanks, it's been fun!

Creme Puff shows off his "table manners" on a return visit.

See how good I can be?


  1. Now that's an animal I'd like to see every day in my apartment!!

  2. Maybe we could UPS him to you for a visit!