Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gray Momma's Back!

I hadn't seen her since back in early December when the squirrels started wearing their winter coats. I didn't know if she had disappeared for good or had just become unrecognizable. Readers of this blog know how depressing it was to visit the "dead tree"  after that last blast of snow. Then the other day I thought I saw her! There was a gray squirrel acting very much like Gray Momma, hanging around the "dead tree" and chasing the other squirrels away. A ray of hope after the rather hopeless winter!

Today I was sure of it. It was a spring-like day, and I had the feeling that winter was gone for good. Most of the snow is gone and squirrels were out chasing each other all over the place. Mating season is in full swing. When I hear a squirrel squeal it's not in anguish now.

And the wonderful news is that Gray Momma is back in control of her tree! And back to keeping everything tree-shape.  And she was actually talking, another sign that it was Gray Momma, the talking squirrel. It was like she was telling everybody that things were back to normal again and she was in charge. She actually came over and took a nut from my hand today. Just one. As a kind of greeting, I guess. She's beautiful again. She gets very beautiful when she's pregnant, a gorgeous silvery color. I'm so happy that she is alive! And so the cycle of life begins anew.  I hope to get a new camera soon, and then there will be some pictures of her. Things are looking up.

Postscript: I'm also pleased to report that ET and her retinue at the Orange Tree are all doing just fine.

It was a very productive day today: I went around to all the very littlest squirrels that took a beating this winter but are still basically in good shape (the injured and sick ones are all dead now). These little squirrels are survivors but you can tell they've been through a hard winter.  They all have pink areas where there's some fur missing but nothing irreparable. Most of them are black, but there is one gray one that's missing a lot of fur and looks more like a mouse than a squirrel. It's very scared to come down from the tree and I think it may have been bullied a lot by the bigger squirrels. Today they were fed an assortment of different nuts. Tomorrow, avocado!

Happiness is a warm


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