Monday, March 10, 2014

Something stinks and it ain't the horses

This article talks about how Citizen's United and campaign politics and real estate developers may all be playing a part in the New York City controversy about the removal of horses from Central Park.

de Blasio Whipped by Horse Lobby

The proposal is to replace the horse and buggies with cars. Just what New York City needs -- more cars!

As for the loss of the horses from our lives, this article says it beautifully:

"There ought to be no mistake about what's in stake for the Central Park Horses if the mayor and the people who say they are for animal rights in this case get their way, the horses face almost certain death and something almost worse – their removal from human society, another blow to the desperate need of animals to work and live among us. Everywhere, especially in America, animals are disappearing from our lives, and inevitably, from our world. Do they have the right to live with us? I believe in this right for the Central Park Horses: to survive and have purpose and meaning in the lives of human beings."

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