Friday, August 3, 2018

She's back!!!

I'm back...

The beautiful Orange Queen has returned!

After being gone for over a week, she sauntered over as if just back from summer vacation. But where had she been? And why was she gone for so long? Oh, the never-ending mystery of squirrels! She seems a bit worse for the wear, maybe a little disoriented. Like, how did I get back in THIS world?

I've had several people tell me that the squirrels in Peter Cooper and Stuyvesant Town seem confused and disoriented. I'm wondering if it could be due to the heat and possibly dehydration.  While most birds and carnivorous animals get their water from food, vegan squirrels don't get it from peanuts, so I've been giving them grapes and small chunks of fresh coconut, which they seem to like.

Coconut treat

Coconut - ice cream for squirrels?

summer flowers


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