Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Salad Days

Report from the field:  how are the squirrels faring on their new diet? Well we haven't seen that many squirrels in distress. Actually we haven't seen that many squirrels, period. The area is fairly devoid of wildlife these days. That must make everyone very happy.

Recipes for Squirrel Salad

So what are they eating?  Is it possible that they are actually finding enough food? Are some good-hearted folks smuggling in eats? Today I saw a squirrel eating a napkin. It must have smelled of something edible. I did notice some disappearing tulip tops earlier in the month. And I've seen them eating buds off trees and heard that they will also eat the leaves and bark.

"Let them eat bark!"

These could be salad fixings

'Tis the season

Many squirrels are expecting babies now. One can only hope that the available food will be sufficient to nourish the expectant mothers and their kittens.

better days

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