Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Underground Nutwork

The "grace" period at PCV has ended as of May 1, which means that the warning period is now over. For PCV tenants that could mean the loss of their lease if they're caught feeding the squirrels. For people like me it could mean being expelled from the Kingdom. 

I was in a bit of a quandary: I didn't want to risk expulsion, but I didn't want to stop feeding my pets, Lady Grey and Lady Black, both of whom are expecting babies and in need of extra nutrition when eating for four or five or six. The brilliant Lady Black solved my dilemma by following me out of PCV one day.
Lady Black
Lady Black and I have this long-standing game which she never tires of playing, where I throw her a nut and she runs off and buries it and then comes back for another.  This can go on forever.  So I had this bright idea that together she and I could set up an underground nutwork, where I'd feed her "off site" and then she could go bury the nuts "on site", and thus help feed the entire community!

Unfortunately, this didn't work out quite as expected, when instead of bringing the nuts back to PCV, she started crossing the little roadway there to bury them in the sidewalk.

This kind of defeats the purpose, and it's also dangerous for her to be crossing the road all the time. So I'm not too happy with that solution. At first I thought she was just not into sharing, but now I'm beginning to think that she has already internalized the notion that she is only supposed to have peanuts outside of PCV. As I've said before, this is one smart squirrel.

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