Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Squirrel Candy

I picked up some pecan crumblets (all I could afford) at Trader Joe's today. I popped a mouthful and it was simply  scrumptious - visions of pralines and pies danced in my head - this was real squirrel candy! And the squirrels  went for it. I sprinkled crumblets in the grass and they nosed about like they were on an easter egg hunt. They seemed to enjoy the challenge, with the rich reward forthcoming.

Squirrels are too funny to watch. The other day I passed a guy speeding along the sidewalk on his bicycle, and there keeping pace alongside him was a squirrel! It was the funniest thing.

Another time, a man was playing catch with his son on the grass near the orange tree, and one of the squirrels was apparently fascinated by their game, because he sat behind the man watching the ball go back and forth. There was no way the squirrel was begging for nuts, he was obviously a sports fan!

And one time when some large trucks were parked on the sidewalk near Spunky's tree, I noticed that squirrels kept going underneath the trucks just to check them out.

 Squirrels are not just curious but I think  they may get bored. Living in the lap of luxe at PCV does not provide quite the challenge that living in a forest provides.

We need to think about providing more activities for our squirrels, or at least more distractions. They seem to enjoy spectator sports, and when they can manage to overcome their natural fear, they're quite curious about us humans! So come on out and give the little guys a show... and bring some squirrel candy in your pocket...

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