Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Leaves, Autumn Squirrels

Autumn is here and we're seeing some squirrels turning colors like leaves. Squirrels remind me of the amazing chameleon that changes color in the blink of an eye. Their tails - and at times the fur on their entire bodies -  are changing all the time, but especially with a change of seasons. This seems particularly true of growing babies and brown squirrels, although grays change all the time too. It's a constant show, where you never know what to expect.  Here's how Foxy is looking nowadays.


Foxy's Bustle

Blending in with the leaves
Foxy was black a season ago, but is now back to being auburn for autumn. She is a beautiful squirrel. Foxy is heading into her third winter, while Alphie is heading into his first.

Alphie also blends in  well with the leaves. This can be very helpful when hawks are about:

Alphie's Camouflage

The berries are blooming:

And there are horse chestnuts lying on the ground:

The other day I came upon Spunky eating one of these and proffered a peanut, thinking she would drop the spiny monster, but no - I had to wait until she devoured the entire thing before she'd consider taking the peanut! Can you imagine?  I guess they must be tasty, but still, all those prickly spines. How do they do it I wonder?

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