Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

I decided to take a walk over to PCV today.

Of course I had to TREAT the squirrels today. I met some on the sidewalk outside PCV. Every once in a while an adventurous squirrel leaves the Gated Community and ventures out into the Big City in search of nuts.

But they don't usually stray far.

The squirrels were acting strange today. They were asking for TREATS (nothing new)

 but some were also performing TRICKS!

I don't know what was getting into them (well yes, I do - squirrels are totally psychic). But they went really treat-crazy today. Whenever I turned away from my cart they'd try to sink their sharp little teeth into my nut bags!



A passer-by commented on all the squirrel costumes! I thought that was pretty funny, and told him that anyone dressed as a squirrel would be given a nut :)

Spunky the Halloween Squirrel
They kept me busy as afternoon faded into twilight. I was surrounded by squirrels that were acting pretty agressive. The cold weather does something for the appetite as well as the spirit. And there was a definite spirit in the air. I had been feeding Spunky when suddenly everything turned eerily quiet. The other squirrel I was feeding ran away and disappeared  into the gloom without picking up the nut I had tossed its way. I turned around and saw that Spunky was gone too.

I  heard a strange shrieking sound in the trees, which was neither squirrel nor bird. I realized that in a single moment the whole world had turned dark.


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