Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shell Shocked Squirrels

It was cold out there today - brrrrrrr! - even though the sun was shining. And it had been a stormy, rainy night, so I had to go out to check on my fuzzballs. The squirrels were all sitting like statues at the bases of trees, just staring at me, shell shocked. As if I was somehow to blame for this sad state  of affairs.   I cried out to them, "Hey, don't blame me! I'm not Old Man Winter! Just because I bring the food doesn't mean I bring the foul weather!"

But they were just not running up to me as usual. Except for Alphie, who came bounding over in his typical exhuberant way. A little cold weather didn't phase an alpha squirrel. Such a darling!  Eventually the two black babies came down from the tree. I'd been worrying about them, not having seen either of them for a few days. One has grown a thick fur coat  and looks to be twice the size of the other one. I worry about the little one. I fed him well. The red baby, the one I call Red, has grown a luxuriant auburn coat and looks quite large now. Of course I know there's just a little guy hiding beneath that crowning glory. Speaking of which, Pinky is the King! His big fur coat amazed me as it glistened in the sun. Spunky has also a grown a nice thick coat finally, and actually looks very beautiful, as opposed to her usual scrawny self. I know I'm partial to blacks, browns and reds. But my special pet of course was a gray squirrel named Patches. Patches is not around to see the winter.

Check out the Fur Gallery:

twas a cold winter's day just after Christmas
the days are short and it gets dark early
The smart squirrels are all sporting their new fur coats now, and looking smart and stylish for winter.




Pretty boy Alphie


Spunky by sunlight

still skinny but well-rounded now 


I'm Pinky - don't mess with me!

ya wanna hand over one of those nuts now?

a big, gorgeous, furry squirrel!


Foxy - the mother of all squirrels

Baby Red

I'm just a little guy underneath

oops - my tail is showing

Yes, something happened to my tail

Another Fashion Parade

Christmas Elves

Too Sweet

Run for the hills! Never trust anyone under five
(they never have any nuts either)

Seeing Double

Happy Holidays!

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