Monday, February 20, 2012

Why squirrels are power pets

Benie Goetz takes a walk with his pet squirrel, Creme Puff
Here's why squirrels make perfect pets-- what I call "power pets". Imagine sticking your cat under your coat, then taking a walk across town on a busy street in New York City! Not gonna happen, right? Then walking around in a park for a couple of  hours, while your cat sits patiently on your shoulder as  you feed the squirrels. Pretty funny, right? And forget about trying this with your dog!

But an outing with your squirrel requires no leash or cat carrier. Imagine having a pet that is so bonded to you (and so intelligent) that it feels comfortable riding on your shoulder for hours, trusting you completely to do the right thing. Creme Puff  stays put without a peep (except for a little growl and squeak when Bernie inadvertently pokes him in the eye when passing a snack back). Creme Puff announces in no uncertain terms that this is uncool. Creme Puff rules!

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