Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Squirrel's Valentine


This is the story of two little squirrels who were born last summer. The boy squirrel is named Alpha Squirrel, Alphie for short. Right from the start he had all the markings of an alpha squirrel --  inquisitive, fearless and adventurous . He was born just northeast of the Fountain, in the Orange Tree. He loved playing with me right from the start. 

And just a short distance away (maybe a one-minute walk), southwest of the Fountain,  in what we used to call Brownie's Tree, the adorable little girl squirrel named Red was also born last summer. In fact Brownie may have been her mother. Red has always been a bundle of energy.

I have watched both of them develop through the autumn, putting on their heavy fur coats for winter, which hid how small they were. I know there are still little squirrels underneath all that fur. They are both so bright and joyous, full of energy and love of life. They are so close and yet so far away from each other,  neither knowing of the other's existence. I would love to bring the two of them together. Maybe for Valentines Day! Mating them would be my dream.

Red lives in a big tree with a bunch of gray squirels. Perhaps it's her destiny to mate with one (or more) of them. Will she never get to meet the Alpha Squirrel?  Or will she have a great adventure? A romance? I think it could be... 


love at first sight!

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