Monday, June 10, 2013

Gary Rabenko's Galleries

Here again, I am happy to say, we have some more photos from Gary Rabenko. This is his 40th year as a professional photographer, so his photos might even be a bit better than mine ( just joking !) .  Actually his work is quite incredible, and can be seen at  

As the artistic and technical director at Rabenko Photography and Video Arts (, Gary is all about emotion, expression and feeling in imagery.   He also has people looking great, and I guess he should, because his specialty is photographing people, their emotions, their feelings and their expressions - in short their personality at the biggest and best moments of their lives and those of their families.  

Squirrels have emotions too, Gary says, and that is why he is here... more to follow on him at a later date... here now the squirrels through his lenses!


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