Thursday, June 6, 2013

Game Boy

The Boy Who Plays With Squirrels
 I saw yet another little boy chasing squirrels today, and using my usual crotchety routine, I asked him: are you a dog? This usually gives them a brief moment of pause as they consider the question.  In this care his grandmother or nanny overheard me and took pains to explain rather proudly that this little boy PLAYS with squirrels!

Oh I see, I said, as I pulled out the camera to get some "caught on camera" shots:
around and around they go

The Squirrel Who Plays With Boys
Here they go -- around and around and around and around. The thing to notice is how the squirrel stands his ground. The squirrel never exhibits the typical squirrel behavior of running up the tree! This squirrel  PLAYS with boys!

Oh well, I guess boys will be boys, and squirrels will be squirrels :)

Meanwhile Gray Momma is safely perched in a tree...

Where she watches the game with fascination.

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