Friday, July 29, 2011

Columbia Squirrel Update


I haven't seen Bitty in about a month... I think she has abandoned her former turf (given it to her childeren) and may have taken up residence elsewhere.. that is standard procedure for a squirrel matron, so it isn't wholy unexpected.

 Bitty's kids are out on their own now, they have all set up summer nests in the upper branches along the entryway.... the one with the missing tip of the tail I've named "Nibbles' and she is an absolute darling... she has fully mastered 'up' and is working on 'shoulder' and does all manner of interesting tricks for her adoring fans.

Her sister I'm calling 'sissy' or CC for now as she is a little bit of a scardy squirrel but is still Cute and Cuddely (hence CC)... she actually tried to do 'Up' on her own, but i wasn't expecting it so I accidentally moved my arm and she missed and bounced a bit which she didn't like... it will take a while to convince her to do it again...

Bitty's Boy
And Bittys little boy is still a bit of a loner, but he comes over and mooches food regularly...

 Bella it appears, gave birth to a late crop of squigglets, and has been taking care of them up in her nest in the eves, but she dislikes hot weather so she doesn't come out much... she just rummages through the trash in the early morning hours...

Big Sasha
Sasha is still a (loveable) pushy pest, but her kids are becoming significantly more social, that is when they can be convinced to come down from their cool perches in the high branches.

I saw BB (bushy butt) today, in her usual stomping grounds near the east college walk gate, and it looks like she may be just finishing up nursing a brood...

I haven't seen Stripe, and most of the juveniles have been hard to spot, but I chalk that up primarily due to the hot weather, they just don't like to eat, work , or come down from the trees unless it drops below 80.

Marc Rosenthal

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