Monday, July 30, 2012

Sitting Ducks

Home Sweet Home

The ducks are back on the Cloud Nine raft!

Pretty ducks all in a row

Dirty Ducks

That comes from swimming in the East River. It's a dirty old town.

This one looks a little better.

All ducks do is sit around, hour after hour.  No TV, no Internet, no video games. Just preening themselves. Just ducks being ducks. Real couch potatoes.

Every once in a while one jumps in the water and takes a little swim, maybe to cool off,  or hunt for a snack, or just break the boredom. 

But no babies! Maybe it's mating season. Where are the males? Looks like they've gone AWOL. These are all female mallards. Perhaps they're a harem, waiting patiently for a male to show up. If so, that will be one lucky duck!

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