Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Stuyvesant Town

Here we are in smack in the middle of July and there's hardly a flower in sight. A walk around Stuvesant Town shows so much dirt and so few flowers. What's going on?

We find the same thing and worse at Peter Cooper Village. After our lush spring with its promise of summer, so well documented here, we are left with nothing but lots of brown dirt and stinking piles of shit that give off the infamous Stuytown Stench and Peter Cooper Pee Yew - and which have become the endless smell of summer here. Our horrible heat wave has not helped. The smell is intensified by the heat and hits us each time a breeze blows.

Piles of fertilizer

Bags of it

A lone flower blooms-- just a weed

It's pretty colorless by the fountain

Lots of green and little else

Oh yes, plenty of brown too

Some bedraggled bushes
a few sad blooms here and there
Peter Cooper Village
It's even worse at Peter Cooper Village

Where is everything?

No grass, no flowers!

Where the rose garden used to be

A few small bushes were left here

Once a beautiful lawn was here

Where are the squirrels?

Once lilacs bloomed here, then roses

It's as if a blight has fallen upon the land

Lots of squirrels used to be playing here

It looks bad

It smells bad

Aha! This pile is the source of the "scent".

A couple of lonely flower beds still exist by the fountain

The Blue Stuff
What in the world is this?

Instead of green grass there's this blue stuff all over the place!

A closeup yields no clue to its essence

But the pigeons are eating it

Pigeon food? Or poison? They seem to like it

Blue grass seed?

What's going on?

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