Thursday, November 4, 2010

Squirrel Killer on the Loose

This time we're not talking about a hawk. We're not even talking about a dog. We're talking about a human being, a fellow New Yorker.

We just heard that there is a woman who allows her dog (a German Shepherd mix) to hunt and kill squirrels in Washington Square Park on the NE side. Quite a few squirrels; five that our informants know of in the past few weeks. The dog enjoys killing and they think she does too.

They just discovered this a few days ago and sent a complaint to the current Park Manager. Then yesterday as they were walking through the park, they came upon people gathered around a dying young squirrel. Some of the chess players there saw the dog attack. The woman and dog had just left the park.

Another squirrel was located at the base of the Hangman's Tree that night. He has two broken legs, which have been set by a vet. With luck, he'll have use of at least three, but is going to have a hard recovery. It's not known if he was chased by the same dog, but it's likely.

There are people watching out for her now, and working on getting more information. She appears in the park around 8 am, and then around 5 pm. Yesterday she varied her routine. She's young, medium height, slim, w/long dark shiny hair. She wears sunglasses.
Ralph Musolino has asked people to call the Parks Office at 212.387.7676 if she's seen. They want her apprehended for animal abuse.

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  1. You would think that if she has a dog, she loves animals. But she is a MONSTER!! How can someone do this to those cute animals?!?!?!
    Thanks for sharing this here...and please post updates if the woman is caught!!