Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Squirrel Killer Redux

We found some interesting links. Lina Macri owns a company called The Dog and Pony Show

This link gives us some insight into her professional life:

Her twitter tweets and a Facebook page that she set up for a sick puppy both portray her as an animal lover:



Based on these new findings, I'm in the process of re-evaluating my theory about Lina. Prior to this I thought she was either insane or psychotic or both. Now after reading her resume, I think she is not only sane but quite accomplished. And she probably sees herself as an animal lover (unless the bid to raise money for the sick puppy is a total fraud). My guess is that she considers squirrels to be on a rung of animal life lower than that of her pets. Her rationale may be that if she feeds her dogs canned horse meat, why not give them fresh squirrel meat as well?

At Peter Cooper Village, I sometimes see dog owners stalking squirrels with their leashed dogs. They'll let their dogs take them over to a tree where they seem to enjoy watching them terrorize the squirrels, who are usually scrambling up the tree to get away. They always have smiles on their faces, as if to say, isn't that cute? If you talk to them, they'll say that they are not doing any harm, since the dog is securely on its leash. They seem to think that the dog has a right to this kind of sport and apparently enjoy contemplating what might happen if the dog wasn't on the leash.

I'm thinking that maybe Lina believes her dogs need that kind of exercise (or maybe training), that they need a kill, and that squirrels being somehow lower animals, are fair game. Speaking of game, maybe hunting squirrels, like rabbits and hares, is part of the culture of her country of origin. Anyone for scoiattolo in istufato?

Maybe she thinks we're the ones who are nuts!

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