Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the autumn leaves

In a final affront, they are taking away the leaves - the materials squirrels use for building their nests. First they've been chopping down trees, including one of the biggest ones that was used by squirrels for many homes. Think of the equivalent of an entire apartment building.  This is no joke in winter when the freezing winds blow and the snow and sleet pour down.

Now they're blowing all the leaves into piles and bagging them up to be carted away. Not a peep from the squirrels of course, as they watch and wonder. Sadly, they have no voice, and few speak for them. Of course there are already plenty of nests that have been built by the industrious creatures, but strong winds mean nests must  constantly to be refurbished. And with what, if there are no leaves left? It's sad because leaves are not only  decorative but they also serve the purpose of nourishing the soul-- oops I meant the soil --  but I'll leave that typo in. It almost seems like the workmen there are making work for themselves, for no good purpose.

Instead of picking up leaves, why don't they pick up trash? The park is looking more and more like a garbage dump these days. Bernie goes around picking up trash whenever he comes over there now.

On top of this there is now at least one hawk in residence at PCV. And there's something else that I neglected to mention at the time, which is brought to mind by the hawk. About a month ago they started clearing out all the bushes and hedges at PCV. In some cases they chopped down bushes as if they were trees, leaving big bare areas of ugly stumps. Where there used to exist plenty of cover for squirrels, these bare landscapes aid the hawks and make squirrels feel more exposed as well as look particularly ugly. Why have they done this?

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