Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day in the Park

It was a gloriously sunny Memorial Day weekend, but also  hot and oppressive and I had a migraine that I was sure was weather-related.

A good beach day and a good park day. So I went to the park to hang out, tune in, turn on and cool off.

This vet had the right idea.

Some of the chic trend-setter squirrels were showing off their latest summer wear

Two-toned Tubby

Two-toned Foxy

Spunky was starting to getting her groove back.
Hmm... I've always liked cashews. 

Then Riley the Cat made his appearance

Spunky forthwith removed herself to a comfortable spot in the tree right above me. There she is in the vee of the tree, where she can relax and watch everything.

Training Black Patch

And I spent the rest of the time trying to teach ticks to my new little friend Black Patch

So named because of that nasty patch on his back.

Most of the other squirrels were up in the trees chattering away at Riley, but Black Patch was
right down there learning how to compete with the pigeons.

Surrounded by rivals

Studying the scene.

He didn't do too well. Lost quite a few brazil nuts, cashews and other small shelled nuts. But he was focused and attentive, and had impressive staying power.

 I think that squirrel is going places!

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