Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn in New York

It's been a late autumn this year, but we're finally getting some pretty fall foliage at Peter Cooper Village.

Playground Squirrel (in foreground)

It's that time of year when I love taking invigorating walks and enjoying that wonderful air that smells of leaves and apples. But this year I can still smell the Stuytown Stench which, unfortunately is also the Peter Cooper Village Stench. I believe they've laid down yet another layer of that stinky stuff, and there seem to be rings of it around all of the squirrels' trees. They are constantly burying their noses in there, as squirrels do.

Angels with Dirty Faces
WTF is that smell? It sure ain't dirt!

Does it bother them as much as it bothers me, I wonder? It certainly ruined the smells of summer for me, and now it's ruining the smells of fall.
The Autumn Leaves
Aside from that unpleasantness, it's fun hearing the squirrels scampering through the leaves on the ground. Squirrels are extremely sensitive to rustling sounds. For example, when I rustle a plastic bag containing nuts, it makes
nearby squirrels jump sky high and head for the hills no matter how hungry they were a moment ago! The rustling of leaves must be greatly magnified in their tiny ears, as they are constantly leaping and twirling about at the sound, which of course makes even more noise! Add to that the fact that the cooler weather gives them bigger appetites, and they're jumping and jostling one another much more than usual, vying for nuts. They bully the babies terribly, so I have to make extra sure the little ones get their fair share. My pleasure...  they love me for that :)

Peanut Boy
There's a new kid on the block, who rides his bicycle around with a bag of peanuts hanging from the handlebars, throwing peanuts everywhere.  What a delightful idea! Needless to say, the squirrels love it. They're fascinated by contraptions of any sort to begin with. Whenever I bring my cart over they love climbing over it and under it.  I think they are basically bored most of the time and need more stimulation, as they are very intelligent creatures.

Peanut Boy

Like an ice crean truck - there's  even a bell!

Peanuts anyone?

Pleased to meetcha, peanut boy!

Teen Terrorists
On a less pleasant note there are some young people who apparently enjoy terrorizing squirrels. I snapped a few pictures of two girls who were going up to the base of the trees to yell and scream at the squirrels. I saw them doing this in the park by the front gate and started following them.

When I saw them approach the Orange Tree where Alphie and Betie live, I rushed over.

They started their yelling and screaming routine.

Then they noticed me, and seemed to know what I was doing, because they tried to avert the camera.  I did manage to get this picture.

two terrible teenagers
Then they quickly walked away.

Good riddance, girls.


  1. Awesome article and pictures!! Now that's why I miss New York a little!

  2. Only a little? That's good :)