Monday, November 14, 2011

My Baby Book

My Baby Book
By Alphie the Squirrel

They call me an Alpha Squirrel because I have such a great personality.
Hello World!

The place where I was born 
Up in the Orange Tree
 My baby fur

My twin sister Betie. 

Mommy moved to another tree, but comes back to visit whenever my new Mom arrives to feed us. We get all kinds of yummy nuts. 
Our Mommy
 My new Mom takes lots of pictures. She thinks I'm cute.  

Posing in my birthday suit
 We like to play the peanut game where mom throws a peanut and I catch it, then I run off and bury it some place far away. We play this game over and over again until Mom gets tired. I never get tired, because I have boundess energy. It's REALLY FUN!
Bring it on!
My first peanut butter cracker 
Mmm... sinfully delicious.
Now if I could just get some Nutella* on this...
 life would be perfect!
* Alphie will NOT be getting any Nutella, because chocolate can be dangerous to small animals who may not be able to metabolize it properly. We know it does not work for dogs, and wouldn't want to take any chances with squirrels. 


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