Friday, June 8, 2012

Red Tails in the Sunset

As evening approaches, I have fun with two beautiful squirrels named
Brownie and Mother Red Tail. It's almost sunset, and they're hungry!


Here comes Brownie. I'd know that tail anywhere

Got anything good in that cart?

I like this cherry

This walnut's good too

Mother Red Tail

And here comes Mother Red Tail

Her beautiful fur and tail

Unusual markings

Hey, can I come up?

I'm up!

A nursing mother needs food

I like this cherry

This walnut's good too

So what else do you have in there?

I smell the blood of an avocado!

The Avocado
Got it!

Oh yummy!

I'm in heaven
Now it's MY turn

Take it away, Brownie!

oops... let's just slide through here

Mine all mine! Now... should I bury it?

1 comment:

  1. The black one with the red tail is adorable! I never saw such a squirrel before! And the story was funny, too!