Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flo's Magical, Medicinal Wild Balls

Flo, a friendly neighborhood wildlife rehabber, brought  over her wonderful  wild balls for some of our sick squirrels.

Munching on Wild Balls and Blueberries

Don't do this at home
Actually you can do it, you just have to make sure that a squirrel does not get more than one dose of ivermectin, as more than that could harm the squirrel. Two weeks later they should have a booster ball.  The balls are a paste of walnuts, pecans and organic coconut oil made in a blender, with a single drop of ivermectin injected into the center. By all indications, they were delicious. The squirrels gobbled them up. We gave them to quite a few squirrels, including our three sick little ones that we are watching very carefully. The one we call Ringo has the disease in the form of a ring on his leg, the one called Patches  has it across his backside and the one called Calico has the rings around her neck. Ouch! We're hoping that they will all be getting better and better as the days go by.




Flo's blog has some wonderful squirrel pictures:

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  1. Thanks for caring for our little Furry friends....--Stosh