Friday, June 8, 2012

June Afternoon

It's a beautiful afternoon in early June as I walk around Stuvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, enjoying the landscaping.
I spot these beautiful flowers. What are they?

I take a closer look.

A great Stuytown view 
The PCV green looks like a country club
Squirrels never had it so good!

The lawn is dotted with wild strawberries.
I wonder if the squirrels like them.
I admire the beautiful Rose of Sharon.
I walk to the the west flagpole

A game of Tag, you're IT! is in progress

From there I go over to the ball court area where Brownie and Mother Red Tail are living.
I enjoy the beautiful sky

The Ball Court

Four girls and a jumprope

Evening approaches

I look around for my little pals.  This looks like a fun place for squirrels to play.

I find the two little red-tailed squirrels nearby. Guess they're getting hungry. We play together in the setting sun.

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