Friday, August 31, 2012

Occupy Stuytown-PCV

On the Ground activists show how it's done!

The Risk

The Reward

Girl in the Blue Dress

Come a little bit closer,
you're my kind of squirrel!

Look ma!

A squirrel at one's hand
is worth two in the field

Photo Op

Strike a Pose

Ain't she cute?


Just lovin' the limelight

Taking a Break

Beware of the dog!


Watching from a safe distance

A cautious approach

Well... time to go

It's been fun!


Feelin' lazy... not much of an activist today :)

I'm a tree squirrel, but I do love bein' on the ground.

Ye Olde Watering Hole

Squirrel activists get to work

Occupy the Cart!

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