Monday, August 13, 2012

A Midsummer Nightmare

At midsummer, Peter Cooper Village looks like a nightmare.

This park, the first thing you see after entering Peter Cooper Village through the main gate, should be a showplace. Instead, it looks like this.

Lots of brown, little green, low on flowers. Shameful!

The park by the other entrance from First Avenue looks like this now.
Guess there's a rush on to grow grass?
Only pigeons seem to enjoy this mid-summer treat.

Signs of hope by the flagpole.

Things are starting to make a slight comeback here.

A single squirrel on the green
Good day, folks!
let's see what changes have been occurring
a lone hydrangea grows in the former rose garden

urban farming?

what's growin'?

dinky little bushes
where glorious lilacs and rose bushes once bloomed

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