Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alphie's Evil Twin

Squirrels tend to come and go. They're often here today and gone tomorrow. It's always a mystery as to where they go, but it's also a mystery when they suddenly appear out of nowhere. There's a new squirrel on the block that looks like Alphie - same size and color, though not quite as pretty - but he looks enough like Alphie to be mistaken for him.

the evil twin

Yesterday I was watching him play a squirrel's game of  dodge ball where he'd cause skirmishes by chasing the other squirrels, ramming into them and bouncing them in the air!

A Tale of Two Tails

Actually he has probably been around for a while, and I think he was causing me to misjudge Alphie as a big bad bully. But since Alphie got his tail scrunched, and this squirrel's tail is perfect, I finally realized that they were different squirrels. And he was likely the cause of  Alphie's damaged tail! Perhaps the noble Alphie had been defending some innocent little ones.
the real Alphie

a hero's tail?

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