Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mittens & Muffs

As the weather grows colder, the squirrels are doing their own kind of growing: they now have heavy fur coats that will keep them warm through the winter.
So what if I look fat?!

I'm fully winterized

For extra warmth, many gray squirrels have fluffy white ear muffs and matching mittens for winter. So cute!  

Alphie's ear muffs are a chic tan that contrasts well with his auburn fur.
my tan ear muffs

Alphie used to be the color of caramel when he was younger, but recently went through a "black phase". Could it have signified adolescent rebellion? He did have a personality change as well, becoming something of a bully. Amazingly, this month he is sporting an all-new red-brown coat and tail. Squirrel colors can change dramatically and quickly. But why? Seems to ne more than just a fashion statement, perhaps having to do with camouflage.

As for me, I fit right in with my new sherpa "squirrel coat".  

I look like a big fuzzy brown squirrel!

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