Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dumpster Divas

New York City's proposed prohibition on feeding squirrels has not yet gone into effect, but it seems to be already having an effect. According to a recent article in the Gothamist:

"NYC Park Visitors Warned About Hangry Squirrels Out For Blood"

According to a Parks official,  there's been a string of squirrel attacks recently, which would indicate that there are lots of hungry and angry squirrels out there. Well, I've seen some hungry squirrels at Peter Cooper Village, but I have yet to see any angry squirrels. Only sad and scared squirrels. And I've noticed something curious: some squirrels appear to have almost internalized the new ban on feeding them there, and skulk around as if eating a peanut is a punishable act. Somehow they know. So sad.

Trash Can Diving

Some squirrels have taken to diving into the trash cans.

Got it!

This squirrel dove in again and again, each time coming up with a little nugget in its mouth. Wondering what it was, I looked in and saw a bag of chips!
Stacy's Chips

Making Do  

 I saw a squirrel eating an entire sandwich right through the saran wrap. Another squirrel was chewing on a napkin.

Hmm... smells like food

This looks good

A well-chewed wrapper

Trash Disposal

Buried treasure? Or buried trash?

Lady Black Gets Collared

I found my precious pet Lady Black with this plastic cup around her neck. God knows how that happened. She could have been wearing it for several days before I found her. She wasn't able to get it off herself and seemed very agitated. I quickly helped her and she now loves me even more.

What a revoltin' development this is!

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