Monday, October 19, 2009

No Room in the Inn

Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful. The sturm and drang is finally over. Over the weekend I went out during respites from the rain to feed squirrels. I think it's important to show them that they have support during these first days of winter as they get used to the cold.

I saw a couple bites on backs. I think they get into fights for nest space when they get cold and sometimes end up biting each other. On Saturday evening at dusk I heard a squirrel crying -- that terrible winter crying. I looked up and saw it trying to climb into a hole in the tree. It was getting pushed out by another squirrel. There was quite a tussel! I guess it was a tight fit in there. I calmed the rejected squirrel down with some walnuts, for a little while at least. The next day I saw a squirrel that looked quite bedraggled, with a tail that looked like it had been steam rollered in a loony tune. Or maybe a tail that had been out all night in the rain? It was not a happy camper. I wondered if it was the same squirrel.

Tubby and the rest were fine though, and glad to see me. I ran into Kamikazi again - the little one that propelled itself at me a few weeks ago. Well it did it again, just to show it's consistent. I was getting ready to drop a nut (and apparently taking my time), when it hurled itself right into my hand!

I have now expanded my operations because I have friends in both sides of the park! Ran into my cousin walking her dog. She and her husband just moved to PCV recently. I plan to go over to see their place on Halloween morning... trick or treat!

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