Monday, October 26, 2009

Tubby's fur

Some of the squirrels are starting to look very fat as they add fur for the coming season. I was admiring Tubby and Mr. Operator as they were eating today and thinking how beautiful they both looked. Tubby's coat is now a rich sable, with burnished gleams throughout. A couple weeks ago I'm sure I detected a bald spot running down her back, which I think may happen whenever she's pregnant. But today I saw no missing piece, just glorious wall-to-wall fur. And Mr. Operator's tail was black and glistening like a dark crystal (and he ain't no spring chicken). But those two manage to eat very well. Mr. Operator was very hungry today, and was extremely aggressive, running in circles to clear the area and make sure other squirrels kept their distance while he consumed his first nuts.

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